Carl Calleman on ELEnin and start of the 5th Night

Moving from duality to unity. Make a commitment to opening.

Each wave is composed into 13 different energies. 7 periods of light alternating with 6 periods of darkness. When nights start (like right now), it is a time of introspection, asking ourselves what we are to be a part of creating next. September 23, 2011, the time of the last of these inward periods start. And in this case it is converging with an astronomical phenomenon. Sometime around Sept. 26, ELEnin will pass between the Earth and the Sun. This is a time to exercise our Free Will. It is an opportunity to enter ourselves and the Earth as part of the Cosmic Community. We are Comic in nature. The passport is to make this transformation towards Unity consciousness, which is what the 9th wave is about. It’s about bringing a polarity shift in ourselves. We can make a commitment to making that shift. Saying,”this will happen and I will be a part of it.” Once you have the commitment providence makes it happen.
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