Chief Arvol Looking Horse’s petition to restore the original name, Bear Lodge, to the monument currently called Devil’s Tower.

More than a name.

One of the things big government and big business do is rename sacred places to mundane names. This attempts to usurp the spiritual significance of the monument or place.

Please urge the US Government to restore the original indigenous name “Bear Lodge” to the mountain now called “Devils Tower ” in Wyoming. This petition was created on behalf of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the Spiritual Leader of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations.

Despite dozens of historical maps showing that Bear Lodge was the correct name of this mountain it was renamed to Devils Tower in 1906. A colonel who publicly advocated for the genocide of Native Americans was the first to ascribe the name Devils Tower to this sacred mountain.

This act was not only historically inaccurate, but extremely offensive and disrespectful to the indigenous tribes there. The United States Board on Geographic Names has a legal mandate to avoid names that are “shown to be highly offensive or derogatory to a particular racial or ethnic group, gender, or religious group.”  

The formal proposal submitted by Chief Arvol Looking Horse in 2014 should have already brought about the return of the sacred name, Bear Lodge, however each year so far, there has been a derailing of the renaming process by some Senators and Representatives.

Please sign the petition to restore the original name, Bear Lodge.