Dalai Lama’s Message to the Media-

© Tamara Fitzpatrick http://www.compassionrising.com
© Tamara Fitzpatrick http://www.compassionrising.com

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*Note: I have done my best to transcribe this accurately, however there may be some slight differences in what His Holiness the Dalai Lama said.—soul secret service


Indeed I am very happy, meeting with you, media people.

You also have the responsibility, the special responsibility to show people more happier life. So therefore, whenever I meet media people I always share 2 points. Which I myself to my death are committed to.


That means from our birth we already equipped with a sense  of concern of others well being in other words, compassion. Because I think the most precious gift from our mother is affection. Mother provide us maximum affection with that maximum care. So since we have grown up with that immense of affection so we also already have seed to show others human affection.

So that I call human value, because affectionate mind, affectionate heart, not only brings inner peace, but also our physical health.

Agitated mind very harmful. Not only destroys our peace of mind and our health. According to medical scientists, they say constant fear, anger, hatred, actually eating our inner system. Other hand keep more compassionate mind, strengthening.

After all, our basic goal, every human being, not only human beings but also animals goal is to be peaceful and happy. Happier life, happier family. Everyone wants a more happier life. I think no body wakes up in the morning and thinks they want more trouble. No body thinks that. Even though some people’s life are difficult, but every morning they wish that they don’t have that trouble, that feeling.

Everyone wants happy life.  The ultimate source of happiness is not money, not power, not just a name, but inner peace. Poor people, innocent people can be very happy, have very happy families.

Believe me a lot of money brings on more friends, but they are friends of money. Not friend of human being. Such person from outside, looks at the buildings and houses and big car and everything wonderful but actually the person is very unhappy person. So material cannot bring inner peace, real happiness. And then it is important to remind these things.

People expect a happy life from outside. That’s a mistake. The real source of happiness is within ourselves. We must know that.

So wherever I go, wherever I talk, I always make clear —the ultimate source of joyful ness is within ourselves. We must realize that. Please pay more attention to our inner value.  So, you media people, educate people. Don’t look just outside to seek inner peace.

So that I call promotion of human value.

#2 Commitment— COMPASSION

I am Buddhist monk, all religions have same potential to bring inner peace by the practice of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance. In spite of different philosophy, so same next life. Some religions say there is God, some say no God, big differences.

Some say next life, some say no next life. It doesn’t matter, these are philosophical difference.

But all religions carry the same message of love and compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment. So there is ground for unity, harmony. So in that way different religions tradition can serve humanity better. That is my #2 commitment, actually both commitments promote compassion.

So long as compassion there our actions become non-violence so that also promotion of non-violence. Our actions become nonviolence and that is also promotion of non violence. That is India’s tradition. The second religious harmony is also India’s tradition. I describe myself as a messenger of ancient Indian tradition. You should also be messenger of these two good things.

Of course Media people also have a responsibility to inform people what’s happening, what’s going on. Therefore I am always telling media people, you should have long nose. As long as elephant nose, so smell everywhere.  Front (front is everybody tries to be nice), the problem is behind, so you should smell behind. Then must inform people what is going on, provided objectively. Not biased. Totally unbiased, objective, sincere, truthful, clear. Good thing, bad thing you must inform people. Cause people have a right to know the reality.


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