Declare Your Independence

Declare your independence

from lame big business mind programming, GMO food,
careless behavior, lack of respect for Mother Nature, the Elders,
the trees.

Declare your independence from minds that lack any sense of stewardship for the Earth,
the animals, creativity,  or humanity in general.
Assert your independence from mind control and propaganda, chemtrails,
and money grubbing vibes.
Assert your independence from lack of inspiration, disconnection and hopelessness.

Declare yourself a free agent. Think and be yourself.
Discover more about yourself

and who you are.

You are a beautiful shining flower in the Sun.
You are one you’ve been waiting for.
You are cool.
You are an awakened being transforming the world
with your presence.

You are beyond reason. You are beyond ego.
You are going to live through some of the most empowering magical times that have occurred
on this Planet. You are going to suddenly have skills you never thought of …
and then you find you do.

Declare your independence from falsehood. Declare your allegiance to Truth.

— © Teri Hitt | soul secret service

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 A pop song of encouragement … for your listening pleasure ….

AUDIO: Wake Up Sleepyhead | Freedom of Press

© Teri Hitt & Brian D. Hardin


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