Growing up in the 60s and 70s, my generation is the first generation who grew up with total saturation by television. Advertising aimed at kids was just beginning. We have no idea how deep it goes, how our minds and hearts may have been unconsciously sanctioned off by absorbing these messages from big business served up in bit size portions for us to build our reality upon. Starting to dig through these perceptions that are embedded in us is kinda like a Babushka doll, where you see one doll then you look inside and there is another one and another one.
*Here’s a song that will make you laugh by The Babushkas

Don’t have your television on in the background for yourself or your kids. There are subtle messages in there that can entrap the consciousness to a lower level than you may want. We must create and demand content that is not mind numbing, stupifying, dull, dead zone driving us to deeper and deeper levels of distraction. There are no federal, state or local laws which prohibit the use of subliminal advertising in the media. So you can bet it IS going on. Here’s a link to a film about Subliminal Advertising in the United States: http://www.programmingthenation.com/trailers.shtml (I’ve found that the Flash version plays the best).

I recently came across a book called The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. This is a book that strives  to enable the reader to break out of the false constraints put upon their inner freedom. It is not easy to find, but once you do find a copy (try Amazon) and start reading it, the very words of the author (Lujan Matus) start detangling you from the brainwashing. The very way he puts language together word by word starts breaking down the mind field we have accepted as reality. Look for your own sources of wisdom that break down the perceptions that hold you in place. It is not a time to tread water.

If you create art, media, music — get it out! Get it into the stream. Whether you put something up on YouTube, start a blog, play some music, or write to your local paper. We must bring our personal messages of alternative ways of looking at life, those of beauty, of compassion, of happiness out to the wider public.¬† The artists, musicians, film makers today are the bridge builders from the old stagnant world to a bigger reality. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It is obvious that the whole world, humanity’s consciousness, is going through something. An awakening of sorts to who we are and what we are really here for. It is a great time. It is a time when the programming that has held us in place is dissolving. The training wheels are coming off people! Stay in love my friends, not fear. We are all connected and there may be times where a wave of fear comes and tries to knock you off your feet. It may not seem like yours — it isn’t. We are feeling the accumulative feelings of humanity. Try to take it and send it out as love to the world, intend clarity for all. This is what we came here for, to do this. To go through this process and recognize each other. We are here now.