Ethics and Integrity Are Overcoming Power

It’s about time.

The cloudy half truths used to manipulate the public no longer work. The “watchers” that keep the good and honest “heart” people from speaking their minds are not officially TURNED OFF AND REMOVED FROM THIS REALM. SEE YA!


Here’s some more information about Ethics and Integrity Overcoming Power
• Ian Lungold’s videos on Youtube. There are several series up there. This one in particular speaks about the cycle we are in and coming to.

Get out of your mind and into your intuition. Let’s roll —-
We are now in the 5th day according to the Mayan Calendar. This started November 23-24, 2008. Things are getting better. Those that have mis-used power can do nothing about it. It’s over. This is a part of the natural evolution of consciousness.

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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for —Hopi