Getting Out By Going In

The only way out is IN.

Never more true than when you are in prison. There are many types of prisons and this organization’s intention is to help you free yourself by going in. By learning about who you are and by providing Tools to assist you in making better decisions. By making better decisions you can free yourself from your own internal prison.

Coach Taylor and other volunteers have spent decades sharing GOGI with prisoners who then have shared it with others and their families. Now, with the release of a new book, they are sharing the GOGI Tools with everyone. These are tools that if taught in the schools could really make a difference in the world.

They have done an amazing amount of good in the world.  Here’s one of many videos on their YouTube channel.

Audio Interview on Prison Pipeline Radio with Coach Taylor

Please check them out if you have the time. The Book Power Up Your Life The GOGI Way is an amazing resource for anyone wanting more freedom and happiness in their life.

Book Store

Featured Image by Manikandan Annamalai