Donors help rescue animal sanctuary

Property that was home to injured, abandoned animals saved from bank

—Excerpt from Article in The Californian

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Renee Duncan is overjoyed to be allowed to move back onto her 12-acre Meadowbrook ranch, where she has kept 100 or so rescue animals, including horses, pigs, goats, sheep, emus, and dogs. Medical bills led her to fall behind on her home payments and the bank foreclosed on the property earlier this year. Two donors have stepped forward and saved her ranch from the bank.

Thanks to two good Samaritans, the owner of an animal rescue ranch near Lake Elsinore is going home —- with the horses, goats, pigs and other animals that were living on the 12-acre spread before it fell into foreclosure.

“I was overwhelmed, in awe,” said Renee Duncan, a retired registered nurse who had to leave the property after she fell behind on her house payments when she was undergoing cancer treatments.

A neighbor has been letting Duncan house the animals at his ranch while she and a growing squad of supporters worked to raise money to take the ranch out of foreclosure.

News of Duncan’s eviction in June mobilized friends, neighbors and people from afar who were moved by her predicament. Two of those who responded chipped in enough to buy the 12-acre property, which now will be owned in the name of the charity, the Meadowbrook Animal Sanctuary and Haven, or MASH as Duncan likes to call it.