Operation Noah’s Ark (Florida)


7/7/2010 Update on Operation Noah’s Ark

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I think we need to rescue as many dolphins and other sea life out of the Gulf Spill area that we can. Now.

The spill is only getting worse — these animals are not going to have any chance. Can we dream up some ways to relocate as many as we can? Please forward this around. I did some research and found out some of the organizations involved (below). Please add to by commenting.





Anderson Cooper and Alexandra Cousteau talk about the effects of the oil on sea life

More about Alexandra Cousteau’s work: http://www.alexandracousteau.org/

Philippe Costeau  reports on the Gulf

About Dolphins in the Gulf


Wildlife Rescue Efforts

Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research   http://www.tristatebird.org/

Audubon Institute

International Bird Rescue Research Center    http://www.ibrrc.org/
How you can help

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network
They are currently helping to lead the effort to care for oil-affected marine mammals and sea turtles in Louisiana, in partnership with NOAA-NMFS and the USFWS.



Oil Spill animation (up-dated)

Oil Coverage — Size and Percent Coverage of Fishing Areas

Interactive Map of the Oil Spill


What You Can Do

Contact the organizations above with a donation if you can.
Write your Representatatives.
Contact the organizations above and encourage them to rescue as a many dolphins and other sea life now and relocate them.