Life with the Immortals

From the book Life With The Immortals
© 1999 Teri Hitt


Time of Ahou/Painting by Teri Hitt
Time of Ahau/Painting by Teri Hitt

Even though they tried and tried to dissuade me with their little dream tricks and memory losses, somehow my knowing has stuck.

I expect that any day the proper angelic references will appear in some newspaper somewhere leading me to a meeting with the appropriate person.

In the 1980s I was meditating, trying to reconnect, knowing only that a part of me had disappeared. I was determined to get back to where I was before fragmentation, regain my instincts. I was able to awaken myself significantly and that started a process that has continued since. This stuff is beyond reason and it’s better that it is. Reason is about as liberating as a box, which is stating the obvious. I think back through my memories searching out any little bit that would de-strange the experiences I’ve had. Like the one when I was five and the truck came down the street in the middle of the night and took alot of peoples soul light away. Making everyone different.

It was all different after that. That was around 1968. There are many that weathered that one. This is an incredible journey we are all on.

We can learn to help each other.

—From Life With The Immortals written by Teri Hitt  © 1999 Teri Hitt  All Rights Reserved

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Time of Ahau painting

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