The American Citizen is The New Indian with Activist John Trudel.
Interview with Alex Jones.

Statements on the state we are in. Talks about the 60’s and how we got here.

“We are reacting to how they programed us to believe. We are not really thinking on our own. If we go out and protest (violently or non-violently),it seems they absorb the energy.”

We have power, the power of CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE.

Part 1: (video above)

Part 2:

We can use our energy clearly and coherently. This is what they are afraid of. The system is designed to absorb the energy of “standard” rebellions. But if we can learn to use our energy …. that is REAL POWER.

Every fear we have as a human being, when we look at these fears that we believe about ourselves,  and really think about it —we see we didn’t think it up. Somebody else put it in there for us to believe and they put it in there repeatedly until we started to believe it.

When we start to recognize that there is nothing wrong with us, we stop feeding them our energy. When we don’t react when they push a button we are not feeding them our energy. This is the energy they need to run their machine. When we start to re-recognize ourselves as human beings and the power of our Creative Intelligence, no longer believe the lie, the whole energy paradigm shifts.

Let’s recognize what we are dealing with, lets not just emotionally react.