Let The Music Play!

The importance of live music is not to be under estimated.

Thankfully, Saturday, July 10, 2021 live music returned to Altadena, CA with start of the 2021Altadena Summer Concert Series.

Thanks ever so much to the Rotary Club and all the other sponsors that supported the live concert by the Kings of ’88 at Farnsworth Park amphitheater. The Kings of ’88 were fantastic and it was a fun night. It was great music and a great vibe. There are concerts scheduled through September 11. Do yourself a favor and come check one out!

We need live music and social events to connect with others and feel good. Live music and art events in my mind are “essential”, as connecting with others is a primal need of most human beings.

It is with gratitude and hopefulness I look forward to more live music festivals and events this summer and beyond!

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Photos: Teri Hitt