Taking care of PEOPLE should not be for profit.

HealthcareOPTCongressman Dennis Kucinich is one of 39 democrats that didn’t vote for the Health Care Bill.  He didn’t vote for it because it means over 70 billion to insurance companies. It’s the wrong business model. Health Care needs to be seen as a service, not for profit.

Check out the Video from November 8, 2009

Having insurance does not mean Care — Insurance COMPANIES make money NOT providing care. They are for PROFIT.
With the Health Care bill on the table, everyone would be forced to buy from a for PROFIT COMPANY = more money for the Big Companies that don’t care about people. It’s a bonanza for wall street once again. It’s smelling really FISHY over there in Washington.

During negotiations on the bill, Kucinch said that , “The public option shrank from 129 million to 40 million to about 6 million.”
State protection against insurance companies was also taken out of the bill.”

There’s only one way we are going to be able to rescue the people from this horrible system. It’s to establish a not-for-profit health care system. The insurance companies are just in there to make money. They are not in there to help people. Companies by there very nature only value profit. The are singularly directed at all costs.

There may be some good companies out there, but the healthcare industry (that’s what it is) is full of greed and lack of compassion. We are smart enough to come up with something different. —from Dennis Kucinich video (see above) with my comments.

Contact your Senators, contact your independent newspapers. Our country has been taken over scoundrels a long time ago. This is just the phase we are in now. It is up to each of us to Stand Up.

*Read CNN’s Article and Download the H.R. 3962 Bill (.pdf)  It’s only 1990 pages.