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See ya 2008 — hello 2009

Build connections with your friends, move out of the fear and really just be. Talking and also silence and just being who you are. I wish you great success in becoming/being the full version of yourself. We have a new beginning, a new energetic. Just feel it and let it expand. Look around you, everyone is feeling it. We do not need to be afraid.

Let us all support each other now in healing. Let’s make resolve and re-frame the system and visualize it working right. Get involved where you can, stay awake. We are all dreaming this dream as they say.

Fairness, equality, love, respect, and most of all compassion. All of these important sign posts on the road to a greater reality. Peace. —soul secret service


: Freedom of Press/Wake Up Sleepy Heads

LOVE JOY: You Are The Buddha