Obama’s Violates Public Trust & War Powers Resolution

The War in Libya clearly violates The War Powers Resolution and even worse violates the Constitution.

Our government is flying drones over there, they are killing people. Rumors have surfaced that there are troops there or soon to be there. This is wrong. Any “war like” behavior by this country should be decided by the people and their Representatives not the President or his International backers. Whether it’s drones or manned flights, they are still killing people!

*More at: http://www.larouchepac.com/node/18517


Rep. Dennis Kucinich with 9 other members of congress files lawsuit against Obama’s Libya War



Ron Paul — The War in Libya violates the Constitution. The Constitution is enough.

It’s none of our business — It’s commercial interests going on over there. It’s costing way too much money and it’s not in our interest. Gadhafi has sent a letter to Congress to please look into the U.S. involvement. Nato has no authority to send our kids off to war.