Occupy Wall Street

WATCH Live Stream from Wall Street http://livestre.am/PlNN


Michael Moore Video in support http://youtu.be/KrFQs5X-I1Y

More updates coming, check their Live Stream for up-to date information:


YouTube Videos we’ve found (more to come)

Women maced by Police http://youtu.be/moD2JnGTToA



Message from Citizen

This is the first time this park has been filled with energy.

Oct. 6 — Washington Protest. 10 years since the bombs reined down in retailiation for 9/11. At Freedom Plaza in Wash. Thurs. Oct 6, many people will gather there. This war has to be ended. october2011.org


Message from Citizen

She just saw her friends getting arrested for no reason. The police blocked the street. People were just standing on the sidewalk. They arrested everyone on the sidewalk for protesting peaceful. We need more people, we need more strength.



*Times are EST (New York)
Outreach Meeting at 6 pm under the red statue. Please everyone come.

Working Group on Democracy and Process at 5 in the park.

There is a Legal Working Group with a big team of lawyers. Right now they are following up on those people arrested. They might be at 1 Police Plaza. We don’t know until we get the names of those arrested so we can call and confirm.

Music tonight acoustic at 9 pm at the park.
Sturgeon, Star Fucking Hipsters and others ….

There will be an Internet press conference. Please come and speak to the press. Meet under the red structure at 5:45 pm tonight.



Encourage the Media to cover this