Transmission 1

The geometrical time matrix can be a trap. When stuck in the period of now with past and future streaming all over you, go to stay beyond the language into the non-linear place without language. It's a macro point of view and good luck if you lose your way and start following somebody's dogma, pat phrases or just get caught in an endless conversation around the topic of reality. Meanwhile parallel dimensions are happening and just because you are "here" does not mean you are not "there." You are being influenced by a myriad of 11 other dimensions, everyone is, but because of who you are (reading this), and your sensibilities you may feel it more.
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The Wall

Break Down The Wall Pink Floyd THE WALL If you've never seen it, now would be a good time. ____________________... Read More...

Oil in the Rain

We have one eco system. We are all connected. The results of this devastating accident are far reaching. These companies' lack of preparation and conside... Read More...
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