Peabody Coal Mining Permit Revoked!

This is great news and the beginning of a new day for all the people that live on the Hopi and Dineh lands in Northeastern Arizona.

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Peabody Energy/Peabody Coal has polluted these native lands for over 40 years. Taking advantage of leinient environmental laws that exist for Reservations. I am glad to see this sign that the tide has finally turned.

There is much pollution, toxic waste, toxic bi-products that have been left on the lands and post health risks to the that live there. There is arsenic and other pollutants in their once pristine water that cause the children to have bad teeth and are basically poisoning these people. This is a horrible situation that needs to be corrected. Our country has ignored and brushed under the carpet what happened here to the indigenous people.  This is wrong. People in other countries know more about what happened here than is in the general knowledge of people in the U.S. Peabody Coal is responsible, the EPA is responsible.  They need to provide funds to get this cleaned up in a way that is in harmony with the Hopi and the Navajo.

From The Sierra Clubs December Press Release
“For three-and-a-half decades, Peabody’s coal mining operations on Black Mesa have been dependent on the sole source of drinking water for Navajo and Hopi communities. Between 1969 and 2005, Peabody pumped an average of 4,600 acre-feet of water annually from the Navajo Aquifer, causing significant damage to Navajo and Hopi community water supplies. ”


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