Return of the Ancestors Gathering

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Grand Canyon

We traveled to Arizona last week for the Gathering of Ancestors. It called upon those that were drawn to be there to look beyond the surfaces to remember what we are doing all this for. To act in the knowing that it is the time to COME TOGETHER as Mayan Elder Don Alejandro and other people said. John Lennon said it too, and well . . . it’s true.

We arrived in the Grand Canyon late at night. We began a pattern of driving in circles that would last the whole trip basically. Where we’d go one place , have to drive somewhere else and then end up back where we were again. It’s o.k. We got used to it.
We connected with our friend Helen and began to work out the details of where to sleep. We met up with our friend Cassidy and camped for a few hours — (slept in our cars).

Friday, April 24, 2009
Grand Canyon & Navajo Lands
Woke up just in time (thanks Brian!), before dawn to head over to the Mather Point  sunrise ceremony with the Havasupai. It was COLD.  We got there late as the ceremony had begun about an hour earlier. Even though it was cold, the people felt warm as we all turned our hearts and energy towards the sun as it began to come up. Prayers of peace, prayers for all.

Afterwards we headed over to one of the Grand Canyon’s  cafeteria/restaurants. We were sitting at this table and a Mexican woman came up to me and said something in Spanish. I didn’t speak Spanish but we ended up sitting there staring at each other for about an hour and communicating non-verbally (telepathically). I  Helen came over after a while and translated a bit. The lady said that she thought we had worked together for a long time. She was from Mexico. She saw our past/present lives working together. Very interesting.

From there we drove to the land of the Forgotten People. Which is what the Navajo or some of the Navajo refer to themselves as. The Navajo migrated to that area.It was previously Hopi land. There’s been a dispute. From the desolation of their land and of the Hopi lands,  I’d say they are right — in general all the American Indians have been forgotten, but they are being remembered now, and that’s what counts. Hopefully everyone will be able to move forward now and we can find a way to move past the hurts and conflicts of the past. I hope that healing can happen for everyone.

It was extremely windy there. Gusts of red sand pelted all the travelers basically non-stop. There were wonderful words. All the people coming together to heal the differences, let go of the prejudices, and see what was true now. All necessary to be able to unfold into the moment of now.

Saturday April 25, 2009
Navajo Lands/Hopi Reservation

One of the most moving moments was when the Condor Dancers shared their dance and their prayers.The Sayaka Cultural Group, descendants from the Sakyaka Inka village, brought the Condor Dance to unify with the Eagle in the North. They traveled from the highest lake in the world, (sacred Lake Titicaca in Puno,Peru) to come to The Gathering of Ancestors and share the Condor Dance. This was fulfilling a 500 year old Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor coming together. The feathers from the Condor wings are 5 generations old. This was the last time they will be used in the Condor dance.
*Contact the Sayaka Cultural Group at:,, or

Go to to see the videos.

Also Hopi Grandfather Martin and Don Alejandro (Mayan Elder) met for the first time.
Go to to see the video.

Visited with our friends Ruben and Barbie and family. Also met a bunch of great people from Japan. We went up to Hopi and stayed the night at the Hotel near the Cultural Center. Had a great breakfast at the restaurant there. Delicious!

Sunday, April 26 2009
Yuvapai-Apache Park

We went to the Yuvapai-Apache park for the continuation of the Gathering of the Ancestors. The Hopi spoke and thanked everyone for coming. Many Indigenous Elders and others spoke and then we had the special honor of hearing the The Sayaka Cultural Group play some beautiful music. It was magical.
We headed back to Prescott to see our friend Jacob and spend the night where suprisingly many of Jacob’s friends showed up unexpectedly for another gathering of sorts.

Monday, April 27 2009
Dead Horse Ranch

Next day we went to Dead Horse Ranch in Cottonwood, AZ. It’s a great part with lots of places to camp (with and without electricity), great showers and lagoons.
It was windy here too, but alot less.

We ended up parking the car and I made this great Kale Salad recipe ( Met some new friends and some old ones and we ended up eating a bunch of Kale Salad and chips. Setting up the computers, reviewing footage with Steve and talking about sacred geometry and Elizabeth and Cassidy’s travels. These two really rock!
I didn’t make it over to the Gathering that day. First we headed over to where the Elders were to meet up with Helen and give her some food, and possibly camp there. But the camp was closed to the public that night so we headed back to Dead Horse Ranch and camped. Another circle.

Brian set up his whole computer system to try and make a DVD for the Incas. We hung out with Elizabeth, Paul, Cassidy and Kip and a bunch of other cool people, talked with two Lakota Indian (ah still bad with names) — told them about my Teepee in the Clouds dream. Of course I couldn’t remember what the Elders in the dream said. But that’s just how it goes. I feel like I met them both before.

It was really quiet there. We got some sleep.

Tuesday, April 28 2009
Dead Horse Ranch

The next day we were going to head out back to LA but ended up sticking around so Steve could do an interview with Brian, Adam Yellowbird and Imar about their trip to Peru to recover the staff (see We headed over to where the Gathering was taking place to listen.

People shared from all over. Sang songs and said prayers with words and music.
Grandmother Margarita shared her own special insights and clarity. I loved her singing and Carmen’s too! The youth surrounded the whole gathering in prayer with their good vibes and the Elders spoke. The 4 Members of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders including Don Alejandro spoke. The message that was repeated the most was “Come Back To Center, Live From The Heart” and the prophecy of the  Eagle and The Condor.

A guy spoke asking about where to go in the coming changes etc. Don Alejandro replied and reminded him to live in his heart, that is where you go.

*Bridge Beings are anyone who makes a bridge between cultures, ideologies, people, political beliefs or anything else that could use a bridge right about now.
But I’m sure you already knew that, as you are one.

Wednesday, April 29 2009
Coming back to L.A. after the Gathering I am finding that new depths and insights are revealing themselves daily. It was a blessing to be a part of this very special time.

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