Road to Now HERE

We all feel like we are on a Road to Nowhere sometime … eventually it can lead to a road to now here.


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 DVD_CoverImageThis film was created to help you evolve through life’s struggles. “Why are we here? What are we doing? What is all this for?”

When you are at a crossroads in your life where the things you used to do and think don’t make sense anymore, you’ve got to find a way to move from Nowhere to NowHERE. This is one artist’s story.

The story of award winning musician Johnathan Fleig at the lowest point in his life, working through struggles with career, marriage, friends and the death of his father at the same time.
It is about something we all go through in life, when you reach a crossroads where the things you used to do and think don’t work anymore. When everything falls apart and you try to make sense of the pieces. When powerful questions plague your mind and answers don’t seem to be forth-coming… and then… your breakdown turns into a breakthrough.

The music and inspired story telling provide an inside look at the creative process of an artist growing and overcoming struggles. The songs mixed with interviews reveal a man going through a very personal experience that is also universal in many ways.

Filmed in cooperation with nature, the soundtrack was recorded live and outside in 8 beautiful locations in Kansas.

The film was created by believing in 4 simple principles:

(1) “Believe in magic… and it will happen.”

(2) “Don’t judge yourself or judge others… just do your best.”

(3) “Everything is PERFECT… even when it is not!”

(4) “It’s about believing in yourself and the joy you want to share.”

It is the journey from nowhere to now here.

Created by Brian D. Hardin & Jonathan Fleig.

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