Save The Redwoods works with partners to restore Orick Mill Site

The spectacular redwood groves of Redwood National and State Parks have provided an opportunity to experience a deep connection with the ancient giants. For decades, visitors arriving via the town of Orick passed a sawmill where the great redwoods were still being sliced into lumber. Even after the mill closed, its aging structures and acres of asphalt marred a crucial redwoods ecosystem near the confluence of Prairie Creek and Redwood Creek. The degraded site was a painful reminder of the area’s complex history of cultural devastation, ecological destruction, and economic hardship, in the heart of traditional Yurok land.

Save the Redwoods League saw this scar on the landscape and recognized an incredible opportunity for healing and renewal. In 2013, with generous member support, the League purchased the 125-acre Orick Mill Site and began developing a restoration plan with local communities and partners. The bold vision: to fully revive this vital ecosystem and create a welcoming visitor gateway to Redwood National and State Parks, featuring an expanded network of hiking trails, engaging exhibits, and a traditional Yurok village for cultural activities and interpretation. —From Save The Redwoods Website

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