Sign the Petition to Banks to Stop Financing DAPL and Tar Sands Pipelines

Just In From Honor The Earth

It is clear that corporations and governments are not going to lead the necessary transition off fossil fuels and onto the green path.  The responsibility falls to us.  That is why we resist the pipelines and extractive projects that threaten our land and water, and that is why we are developing renewable infrastructure for our reservations.  To create a livable future. 

One way you can help drive this transition is by pressuring your banks and financial institutions.  The #DefundDAPL movement born at Standing Rock has seen incredible success, with over $5.4 billion withdrawn from DAPL-funding banks so far, and momentum continuing to build.  Three European banks have sold their shares of loans to the pipeline company, and US Bank just took an important step towards exiting the pipeline finance world altogether.  Time to push even harder.

Sign the petition to banks that are financing the companies behind Dakota Access and the four new proposed tar sands pipelines (Keystone XL, Trans Mountain, Line 3, and Energy East). Those in bold finance all of these companies.


Photos: Joe Frazier & Tabor Andrew Bain