Some ways to clean plastic and other toxins from our waters

Amsterdam’s Bubble Barrier

Cleaning the ocean, rivers, and coastlines, one pound at a time. Global ocean cleanup funded by products mostly made from the plastic they remove from the oceans.

Ocean Blue Project
The Ocean has tons of plastic floating in our ocean waters lowering healthy Oceans, marine life, and the health of our future generations dealing with not only litter but Ocean acidification setbacks of our water quality. Most litter begins in our streets into street drains that are piped to urban streams, flowing into rivers, then entering the Ocean. Study’s reflect 5 countries make up over 60% of all pollution getting into the ocean. One reason to volunteer with Ocean Blue is to protect ocean  beaches and other natural resources at coastal cleanup by cleaning up beaches. Ocean Blue Ocean friendly volunteer beach cleanups removed over 10,000 pounds of litter at Ocean conservation efforts and public charities through community outreach events every year.

The benefits of mycoremediation to help further degrade land based ocean and beach plastic are a key role in beach cleanups by Ocean Blue Project. Lowering plastic fragments and micro fragments from being placed in landfills is our main goal with researching fungi as our main strategy during the National Beach Cleanup Initiative cleanups on the West Coast. READ MORE

Floating Platform

Cleaning gas and oil from the oceans with Fungi
Mycoremediation, the process of using fungi to clean up the environment, is an innovative, yet simple biotechnology inspired by nature being tested. The floating tube developed by WorldPerfect in collaboration with scientists from Aarhus University has been placed in the sea near a gas station, where more than 300 coach boats are supplied with fuel.

Accidental spills are then absorbed by the tube and broken down by the mushroom mycelium. The digestive enzymes of the mycelium can eat oil and other toxic substances. Mushrooms are nature’s great decomposers, meaning they are highly effective in breaking down organic matter. READ MORE
How Mushrooms Can Save The World

Using Fungi to Clean Up Pollutants
Mycoreremediation – using fungi to clean pollutants – is being used to clean waterways, soil and in some areas, even radioactive waste. Here a US project is using locally grown mushrooms and coffee grounds to clean their local waterways. READ MORE

Image from Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash