Here’s a video I just came across. There’s a lot in this that seems right. We HAVE BEEN SLEEPING. We can wake up NOW.

Hey who would sign a bill they don’t read? COME ON! What kind of jokers are these people?

WHO do they think they’re kidding? Here’s a few of the things it would be good to get behind:
—Remove all privileges for Congress and Senate. In other words all laws apply equally to them as they do to us.
—Repeal right to vote for their own raises
—Balance the budget
—Congress does not pay into social security, they should.
—Limit to 2 terms
—They should get their own 401k instead of warranting full salaries for the rest of their lives after serving only one year.
—Make them pay their own insurance premiums
—Whoever didn’t read the biggest spending bill should be put out of office.
—Abolish the Electoral college and put the elections back in the hands of the people. Eliminate the middle-men.

Just a few places to start. Let’s do it.


Here’s a couple songs to help the process along:
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