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It’s abundantly clear that when enough people are saying, “they’re just doing their job” the neighborhood, this country and the world will eventually find itself in a bit of trouble. What does that mean, “I’m just doing my job?” Is that enough? Have we ripped off our faces and shut off our hearts for the company line, the big business “mind set.” Pardon the extra use of “quotes” but I think in this case it is called for. Let’s give the faceless face of big business a taste of their own medicine and use the economic control we have (as to what we buy) really make a stand. We have to do something. This thing is outta control. Look into what the companies you buy from really stand for. Please post any information you have as a comment here, as a resource for others. We’ll do the same. Businesses that are sustainable or working towards that, that care about their employees and where the goods come from should be supported. We have to start thinking about the planet and ourselves holistically — water is not infinite. The money hungry freaks of yesteryear that don’t care about anything but more $$$  — have to go!

Keep thinking positively and living in the frequency of happiness despite the crazydom surrounding. WE do have the power to make a difference. You make a difference every day to the people you connect with, your very presence changes the world.

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A song for along the way, Faceless Face of Big Business