The Morning Star Foundation Brings Grandmothers Together

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There’s a great non-profit called The Morning Star Foundation who is committed to creating public awareness of the wisdom of the Grandmothers for the protection and preservation of all Indigenous Nations on Mother Earth. Their primary purpose is to protect and support Traditional Elders, Sacred Sites, Sacred Burial Grounds, and Sacred Ceremony.
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They sponsor gatherings every year that bring Indigenous Grandmothers together to share their wisdom,  knowledge, and culture. Open to all women, these gatherings provide an opportunity to rise above feelings of separateness to a unity and strength that is our heritage.

Screen shot 2010-12-19 at 11.52.01 AMThe wisdom of the Grandmothers is vital to us turning the corner on the situation at hand. We must reconnect with Nature and our Ancestors, listen and learn. The answers are available.

They are holding an Fundraiser Auction for one of the Grandmothers to raise funds so she has a place to live.

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