The Quantum Revelation

Radio Interview by Veritas Radio with author Paul Levy, author of Quantum Revelation.

We and our environment are connected more than we realize. We are waking up to ourselves! How we interact, what we think all has an impact on our lives. This book opens the door to the next chapter of humanity.

“The Quantum Revelation is mind blowing.” — Sting

Levy contemplates the deeper philosophical underpinnings of quantum physics, exploring the fundamental questions it provokes: What does it mean that quantum theory has discovered that there is no such thing as “objective reality?” How are we participating—via our consciousness—in creating our experience of a reality that quantum theory itself describes as “dreamlike?” What are the implications for us in our day-to-day lives that—as quantum theory reveals—what we call reality is more like a dream that we had previously imagined?

The Quantum Revelation is unique in how it synthesizes science and spirituality so as to reveal and explore the dreamlike nature of reality.