Jan.10, 2009 - LA Rally in support of a cease fire in Gaza

Call for a Cease Fire in Gaza. We Want Peace!

Jan.10, 2009 - LA Rally in support of a cease fire in Gaza
Jan.10, 2009 - LA Rally in support of a cease fire in Gaza

January 10, 2009

Westwood, California, USA
Federal Building
Rally in support of a cease fire in GAZA
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We went down to the demonstration today in Los Angeles. About 1,500 people showed up to voice their support for a cease fire in GAZA. People of all ages and nationalities were there. The outcry about what is happening is building daily. We all hope for a cease fire NOW and for the healing to begin. Please share this information to your friends and family. Get involved. Write letters to your Representatives. Think Peace.

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I wonder if both sides, Palestenian and Israeli could start chanting PEACE what would happen?

If both sides could start doing this and direct it toward the governing body that is malfunctioning, as it were — (to say the least). This may do something. This is what we all want.

We need to drive attention to the horrible human rights violations that are happening and call for a cease fire. We also need to embrace and support the bridges that are being built between these communities of people who live so close together yet cannot find a way to get along (more on that later). Perhaps we can delve deeper into our evolving spiritual essence and stop the senseless deaths of children, family members and friends.

We can do better.

**Thanks for all you do.
What everyone does everyday to promote peace and a sense of well-being in the world does make a difference.

You are free to download this peace flyer and use it to help spread the idea around.

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