Transmission 1

The geometrical time matrix can be a trap.


When stuck in the period of now with past and future streaming all over you, go to stay beyond the language into the non-linear place without language. It’s  a macro point of view and good luck if you lose your way and start following somebody’s dogma, pat phrases or just get caught in an endless conversation around the topic of reality. Meanwhile parallel dimensions are happening and just because you are “here” does not mean you are not “there.” You are being influenced by a myriad of 11 other dimensions, everyone is, but because of who you are (reading this), and your sensibilities you may feel it more.

What to do when “strange” energies feel like they are attacking when there is a surreal feeling surrounding your interactions that feels like you are talking to shells that are miles from perceiving what you are experiencing? Well, when that energy comes around, continue to pray and transform the tidal wave into love for the Universe. What you are perceiving is real, however, the identities you are interacting with probably won’t perceive it the same way you do.

You goal is to continue to connect the dimensions despite the overlay of resistance that is thrown on you or towards you.

You do not need to teach anyone.

If you find yourself surrounded and not feeling good, there are a few things you an do.
Physical exercise, create physically such as painting or playing music.

Understand that you are a fore-runner of this. More will come and the details of the territory that you can jot down in various creations will be of use to other travelers in the future.

In the coming 2 years you must continue to expand your field. We have cultivated the consciousness for millenia to get to this point — you are right to not spill the contents of your reality out into ears unprepared. This will come in time for all. Let compassion guide you in troubled times. Compassion for others and compassion for your self. Just because someone does not understand you does not make you wrong.

When you feel the crumbling effect of the “dark energy” attempting to encompass your field— you are right to discount the negative effect on yourself and send it away. Better yet if you can, transform it. That will be the next step.

©  Teri Hitt