Use Your Time

Time Can Be On Your Side

I just heard the other day that they have come up with a new “disease” — I forget what they call it, but it’s a syndrome for people who don’t work on fast enough computers. They get this disease from being impatient with their computer’s processing time. Woah — hold it, right there!

It was a commercial probably one that I’ll never see again, or no one else will.

I was paying attention to what I was thinking about when my computer was processing and I realized that I sometimes use the time to think positive vibes about the Earth, the Mother. You might want to try it, if you aren’t already. We can use the time. Put the time to work.

We may not be able to see the full answers, but we can sit in the intent of knowing that they will come.

Here’s to a better Tuesday morning and moving through the frequencies that try to attach. We can do it.
WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


Neil Young says it well “Don’t let it bring you down, It’s only castles burning .. find someone who’s turning and you will come around.


“Come on down to the river of sight and you can really understand.”



Here’s a painting I did several years ago, part of my Dream series.
This series came through in a bunch of dreams. A bit of positive frequency for the day. Everything is alive.

The Flowers: © Teri Hitt

Just in case you want a copy …