Watch the Plant Medicine Summit for free this week

March 18-March 22

Discover the intersection of medicine, ecology & spirituality in the plant kingdom!

Did you know that the power to heal is within you… and all around you in the natural world?
Since the dawn of humanity, people in every corner of the planet have used what was immediately accessible to heal themselves — botanical treatments, healing tinctures, and medicinal remedies from the herbs, flowers, and other flora surrounding them.

To be sure, the advances of modern medicine are amazing… even miraculous. Our ability to treat ailments and cure diseases is an inspiring testament to what we’re capable of.

However, as we’ve pursued the new frontier of science and discovery, we’ve distanced ourselves from the healing power of our environment, and with our deep biological and spiritual connection to nature and plants.
That’s why we’re excited about The Plant Medicine Summit — a global gathering of leading botanical ecological experts, health practitioners, and inspiring educators who’ll be sharing a unique synthesis of medicine, ecology, and spirituality that promises to transform your relationship with the natural world.

The Plant Medicine Summit sessions are FREE for 48 hours.