Weather the storm by staying in your center

Grace Gravity is putting out a new all analog record called Dream Analog. It’s recorded, mixed and mastered analog so it has a very warm feeling to it.

They just released a new single called In The Center. The lyrics really reflect what is happening right now in our lives. The song has a very healing vibration to it.

When you find out you’re mistaken
when the road your on takes a turn
Just remember
every road
eventually must bend

In the subtle underpinnings
of the life you thought you were leading
there’s a core of believing you must maintain
through the change

There’s a crystal shinning vision in the center
if you’re willing
in the center.

© Teri Hitt  –  All Rights Reserved.

Read all the lyrics here.

Find out more about Dream Analog on Grace Gravity’s website.

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash