What is 5G and Why Should You Care?

If you haven’t heard about the roll out of the 5G system and the problematic aspects of it. Here’s some data to review. Plan is to implement these towers every couple blocks all over the U.S. The saturation of wi-fi will be even more. This is not healthy for a human being esp. children and the elderly, but not good for anyone. Please check out the research if you can — Take the steps you can to reduce exposure. Not sure what the solution is, if this stuff is everywhere.

start: https://youtu.be/qN8dp109EPE?t=6m4s

At 1:25 = Military classifies 5G as a weapon
Its called LRAD.

Video by California Brain Tumor Association warns of 5G

Status of Law as of Sept. 2017 [they are going ahead and implementing it]

Update on CA Law | Oct 2017

What is 5G?


5G is a ground based web system.
The transmitters will be placed on light poles about 10 ft up between every 12 buildings.

Penetrates walls in your house.
They can get imaging from those penetrating waves and attach carrier waves to these frequencies.

Around 12 Megahertz is what the FCC deems the threshold for hazardous
5G broadcast on a 30-300 gigahertz spectrum
Has severe health ramifications.
Disrupts life forms on a cellular level.

This was classified as a weapon some time ago.

Frequencies in the terahertz range can be broadcast through the 5G system.

It works using the sweat glands in your skin.
It amplifies the signal multiple fold

Alcohol amplifies the amplitude of the signal.

GIG – global information grid. Satellite based creating a neural web around the planet.

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Background Information


Possible Letter To the Editor

League of California Cities Opposes 5G

Featured Image from https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=-TTvS3-8ZtA